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Satellite dish services

Greenhouse Datacenters offers satellite dish services from its flagship datacenter in Naaldwijk (Greenhouse DC 2). A 60-meter high satellite dish mast at the Greenhouse DC 2 data center offers our colocation customers the possibility to setup low latency point-to-point connectivity and satellite broadcasting solutions.

Point-to-point transmission

As an organization with presence in the Westland/Rotterdam/The Hague region in the Netherlands, do you want to house (part of) your IT infrastructure externally, or set up a back-up location? These point-to-point and point-to-multipoint 10 Gigabit radio links offer a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-setup solution for connecting your premises to our data center in Naaldwijk. Various colocation customers use it for backup, archiving, disaster recovery, media distribution, and other applications.

Satellite broadcasting

From the Greenhouse DC 2 flagship data center you can set up highly reliable connectivity for satellite broadcasting. A growing number of broadcasters, television networks and enterprises are now using these transmission services in our flagship data center to achieve uninterrupted audiovisual streams and videos in the Netherlands and on an international scale.

Satellite feeds

The satellite dish park at Greenhouse DC 2 offers you as a colocation customer the possibility to connect satellite feeds to a data center rack. From the satellite dish, the satellite signal goes directly through our fiber optic orbit to your equipment in the rack, which ensures that a possible interference of the signal is prevented.

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