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Co-locating ICT in the Netherlands

We offer secure and energy efficient, green housing for ICT infrastructures on Dutch soil. The ecological Tier3 data centers are located in Naaldwijk, ‘t Westland - in the Rotterdam/The Hague region. Concurrently, our colocation data centers provide a springboard to the world. The international and regional connectivity being offered truly is world-class.

  • State-of-the-art - Latest data center technologies; unique redundant setup
  • Ecological - PUE value 1.15; adiabatic cooling; ISO 14001 certified
  • Secure & supported - Tiered security; biometrics for access; engineers on-site 24/7; ISO 27001 certified
  • Connected - 10+ carriers; cloud onramps; low-latency connection Amsterdam; satellite dish park
  • Scalable - Modular design; new colocation data centers planned!
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In a nutshell

The Westland area in the Netherlands where Greenhouse Datacenters is located is mainly an agricultural area. Well-known for its many greenhouses and innovative glasshouse horticulture. Where horticulturists and farmers grow fresh flowers, plants and vegetables on a large scale and export them to markets worldwide. Just a stone’s throw away from the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. A fast-growing provider of carrier-neutral data center services? You wouldn’t expect it here.

How it all started

Cooling installations Greenhouse Datacenters

Entrepreneurial ‘Westland’ Mentality

We were officially founded in 2013, but the foundation of Greenhouse Datacenters was actually laid in 2006. When a few friends from the Westland registered with the brand name ‘WorldStream’ at the Chamber of Commerce...

A flying start

First Data Centers

The first data center we developed was located in Maasdijk. This village is located 6 kilometers from current HQs and data center location...

Growing over time

Greenhouse D1, DC2, ... DC3

At the end of 2018, it was followed by the opening of our current flagship data center, Greenhouse DC2. A greenfield development...



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Our technologies

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Our tech

Greenhouse Datacenter 2

Our flagship data center is Greenhouse DC 2 and makes use of the very latest energy-efficient cooling and power technologies. DC 2 has a colocation area of 3,500m2 and a total capacity of 1,200 racks.

DC2 Facts & Figures

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