Greenhouse Ecological Datacenters

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Co-locating ICT in the Netherlands

We offer secure and energy efficient, green housing for ICT infrastructures on Dutch soil. The ecological Tier3 data centers are located in Naaldwijk, ‘t Westland - in the Rotterdam/The Hague region. Concurrently, our colocation data centers provide a springboard to the world. The international and regional connectivity being offered truly is world-class.

  • State-of-the-art - Latest data center technologies; unique redundant setup
  • Ecological - PUE value 1.2; adiabatic cooling; ISO 14001 certified
  • Secure & supported - Tiered security; biometrics for access; engineers on-site 24/7; ISO 27001 certified
  • Connected - 10+ carriers; cloud onramps; low-latency connection Amsterdam; satellite dish park
  • Scalable - Modular design; new colocation data centers planned for

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Portrait of Guido
Guido Sip - Greenhouse Datacenters