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Greenhouse: A Secure Data Center for IT infrastructure in the Rotterdam region

Housing your IT infrastructure in a colocation data center is a matter of trust. Is everything taken care of down to the last detail? The security and redundancy. Its energy efficiency and certifications. The scalability. The connectivity options and on-site managed services available. Our colocation data centers in the Rotterdam/The Hague area - with ultra-low latency connectivity to Amsterdam and across the Netherlands - offer you this, and more..

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7 ICT Housing Considerations for SMBs When Migrating to Colocation

  • Such an investment in my own server room is significant, how about the ROI?
  • A data center under own management, does it secure my business data and continuity?
  • How do I find skilled and certified engineers for a data center under my own management?
  • My data center and network needs, can they grow along with my ICT infrastructure?
  • What role does data sovereignty play when transferring my ICT infrastructure and data to a colocation provider?
  • What about these large and well-known data center operators, aren’t they very expensive?
  • How flexible is the colocation provider I’m going to use, can I expect any customization?


Just another colocation data center environment? No, we offer much more:

  • Connectivity: Cloud & cross-connect options, and a wide choice of carriers
  • Connections the Netherlands: Ultra-low latency connectivity with Amsterdam and across the Netherlands
  • Energy efficiency: an achieved PUE value of 1.2
  • Satellite dish park: for backup, archiving, DR, media distribution, etc.
  • Managed services: 24/7 smart engineers on-site, ready to deliver tailormade engineering support
  • Data center migration: on-site project management team migration
  • Certified: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS
  • Safe: built according to ‘shell model’ guidelines meeting the European EN 50600 standard
  • Scalable: ample power and space available, with 3rd data center build planned
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Location: Rotterdam/The Hague Region

Previously, before founding Greenhouse Datacenters, our founders were colocation customers themselves deploying server infrastructures in various data centers in The Netherlands. They felt it could be done better though. Both the quality of data center infrastructure being offered and its pricing.

Their vision is reflected in two colocation data centers we have been operating in the Westland area in The Netherlands since 2013. In Naaldwijk to be specific, a stone’s throw away from Rotterdam and The Hague, with ultra-low latency connectivity to Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. SMBs and Enterprises throughout the Netherlands and beyond know how to find us to house their IT infrastructures professionally and connected to the world. At Greenhouse they find the answers to all their ICT housing questions and dilemmas. 

Cogent Communications

“The Rotterdam/The Hague and Amsterdam areas are important network traffic hubs for our clients, ranging from SMBs and service providers to application providers, content providers and enterprises. Greenhouse has positioned and equipped its data centers in such a way that customers in these regions and throughout the Netherlands and beyond are professionally served. Their colocation environment is of high quality, featuring a solid and extremely energy efficient setup. It is a provider that is also able to respond flexibly to the specific needs of colocation customers. This makes our network PoP at Greenhouse a very welcome extension of Cogent’s global network and the cost-efficient bandwidth we offer.”

Elte Buringa, Sales Director at Cogent Communications


“As a fast-growing company, with more than 700,000 fiber-optic connections throughout the Netherlands, we make a selection of business partners who can grow with us. Greenhouse offers a professional and secure base for our fiber optic services proposition in the Westland area in the Netherlands. The PoP network for this region is housed in various colocation racks, in a highly energy-efficient environment, with plenty of room for further growth.”

Barend de Lange, Manager NOC/SOC & Datacenters van DELTA Fiber Nederland

Grift - IT

“As a full-service ICT provider, we focus on unburdening SMB companies in the Westland, The Hague and Rotterdam regions in the Netherlands by implementing and managing their ICT infrastructures. We provide our services to companies with 10 to about 250 workplaces. It is great to have a data center services provider such as Greenhouse on our side. You could say that they’re an integral part of our full-service offering. They do think along with us about concepts that can strengthen our customer proposition. We don’t have to worry about the data center part at all. We have their certified engineers covering that part of our proposition, which is also very comfortable and pleasant. It means that we can focus our attention on the real value adding services we create for our customers.”

Dennis Grift, co-owner of Grift - IT B.V.

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